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Help, support, and friendship for widowed people in the Yorkshire area.
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All bereaved people can feel vulnerable and isolated, and not know "which way to turn", and not necessarily when just recently bereaved. Death, whether sudden or expected is the most devastating and catastrophic event in the lives of those "left behind". Nothing can prepare for the emotional and physical aftermath of this loss.

For those who have experienced the death of a partner these feelings can become overwhelming. Not only have they lost the friend they expected to spend the rest of their lives with but, in many cases, the very person who managed all the household affairs, thereby intensifying the feelings of helplessness and mental confusion.

Family or friends may be wonderfully supportive but may not necessarily have personal experience of this level of distress, depression and feelings of isolation and loneliness which are unique to anyone who has lost their partner through bereavement. So it can be a great comfort to speak to, and meet socially with others who understand the devastation caused by losing their partners. The mere opportunity of meeting with, and of speaking to, those who have experienced the same loss can be invaluable.

Every one of our members has experienced the unimaginable grief caused by the loss of a partner and has been in that desperate situation of physical and emotional turmoil, some recently and some many years ago. We all know exactly how it feels and, although everyone's particular experience is different, all of us have gained strength, comfort, companionship and friendships from joining our group.

As a result of this support our member's families have also benefited from their loved ones making new friends and being able to better cope with their emotions in the aftermath of this personal crisis.

Although we are not a counselling service some of our members are telephone/email befrienders and can offer and maintain support, in this way, to anyone unable to attend meetings in person.

We know from past experience that everyone who joins us benefits from and enjoys the times we have together, and we extend a warm welcome to everyone who wishes to join us.

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